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In 2008, domestic commercial banks maintained a dual growth pattern of physical gold bars and account gold, but the transaction volume and growth rate of account gold business were significantly higher than physical gold bars. The differential growth of t

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The violent turbulence in the risky market has caused short-term liquidity problems in the market, making up for liquidity and short-term profit-taking, and suppressing the sharp fall in gold prices. Xi Jianhua said, however, gold is not only a substitute

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Don’t care too much about whether the current bull market will continue. You can focus on whether it will end: first, see if it loses its intrinsic value; second, see whether the current crisis of trust will be resolved in a short time; third, see whether

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In addition, Congressman Creighton of Pennsylvania and others submitted the "Monetary Action Act" (Bill No. HB1690) on June 17, and the House Finance Committee is currently investigating the proposal. The bill clarifies that gold and silver coin

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All 12 gold concept stocks closed in the green. Leading stock Zhongjin Gold plunged 6.84%, and Shandong Gold fell 6.81%, setting the lowest price this year. Dongfang Jinyu, a favorite of fund one brother Wang Yawei, could not escape this disaster, falling

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Other data released on the same day showed that the US consumer confidence index fell to 59.7 in March from 68.0 in February, the lowest level since November 2011; new home sales in the United States fell 4.6% month-on-month in February, the largest decli

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ANZ bank (ANZ) regional gold trader Bruce Liu said that many manufacturers have already reduced their purchases of gold raw materials due to the expected weaker demand after the Lunar New Year. However, the current overall import level is still much highe

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WGC: We do not accept the so-called conspiracy theory that the price of gold is being manipulated. Gold prices are expected to cross the 1,000-point mark again. US money printing investors step up to stock up on oil and gold. Gold prices hit recent highs.

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2. Gold investment and physical demand remain strong, providing support for gold prices. The worlds largest gold exchange fund (ETF) SPDRGoldTrusts gold holdings as of February 3 increased by 6.04 tons to 1,277.13 tons.Victor Thianpiriya, an analyst at AN

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The "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that the continuous purchase of central banks to increase reserves and the huge economic demand for gold are two important reasons for GFMSs short-term bullishness in gold. GFMS pointed out that in order