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WGC: We do not accept the so-called conspiracy theory that the price of gold is being manipulated. Gold prices are expected to cross the 1,000-point mark again. US money printing investors step up to stock up on oil and gold. Gold prices hit recent highs.

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2. Gold investment and physical demand remain strong, providing support for gold prices. The worlds largest gold exchange fund (ETF) SPDRGoldTrusts gold holdings as of February 3 increased by 6.04 tons to 1,277.13 tons.Victor Thianpiriya, an analyst at AN

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The "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that the continuous purchase of central banks to increase reserves and the huge economic demand for gold are two important reasons for GFMSs short-term bullishness in gold. GFMS pointed out that in order

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From gold to silver, the speculation of precious metals is one after another. This time, investors have set their sights on platinum. Yesterday, Guangzhou opened the first platinum and silver supermarket, the first investment reserve type Jingxin platinum

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KRFuturesCo. trader Samlee said that silver and platinum are different from gold because they are also widely used in industry. The improvement of US economic indicators means that the price of silver and platinum can continue to soar, but the price of go

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In this regard, some market participants said that the sharp drop in international crude oil has put a heavy burden on the bulk commodity market, and it is certain that it will be dragged down. Falling oil prices have lowered global expectations of inflat

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When I go to work in the factory, I do heavy tasks such as sweeping the floor and moving. But because of diligence, he was promoted to supervisor not long after he entered the factory. For Liu Mengxiong, this can be regarded as smooth. If there werent two

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The Yearbook predicts that gold in 2017 will increase by an average of 3% over 2016, to US$1,285 per ounce, and may rise sharply to US$1,475 per ounce at the end of 2017. In the context of the continued decline in hedging transactions and the sharp declin

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Recently, a person from the Futures Exchange confirmed that the Shanghai Futures Exchange has approved the application for membership of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (601398, shares), Bank of Communications (601328, shares), Industrial Bank (60

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In fact, for domestic investors, buying and selling gold is essentially buying and selling a foreign currency. Senior gold experts at the Bank of China Branch told reporters that before discussing the value-preserving function and appreciation potential o